Hand Cream (250ml)- JASMINE TEA ..
19.00$ cad 16.15$ cad
Acné Soin (intensive treatment acne prone skin) -15%
The Acné-soin Serum acts on the first application in order to re-establish promptly a pure skin and ..
39.00$ cad 33.15$ cad
After-sun regenerating and repair care -15%
Enriched with a high concentration of healing plants to intensely hydrate and regenerate skin after ..
27.00$ cad 22.95$ cad
ANGIO PREVENTI erythma - minimizing night cream -20%
ANGIO PREVENTI erythma - minimizing night cream ..
26.40$ cad 21.12$ cad
ANGIO PREVENTI intensely soothing cold cream -20%
ANGIO PREVENTI intensely soothing cold cream..
36.30$ cad 29.04$ cad
Gehwol GERLAN Hand Cream (pump) 500ml -15%
Consists of a special combination of ingredients including aloe vera, jojoba oil, tapioca starch and..
73.00$ cad 62.05$ cad
HYDRAIN3 HIALURO cream-gel ultra-hydrating -20%
HYDRAIN3 HIALURO cream-gel ultra-hydrating   Active ingredients: Thermal water, Hyaluron..
30.69$ cad 24.55$ cad
Nutrivital Cream from G.M. Collin Skin Care is a wonderfully rich nutritive cream ideally suited for..
59.00$ cad
Oxygen Puractive+ Mask - 50mlThe Oxygen Puractive+ line is formulated with patented antimicrobial pe..
40.00$ cad
Room Spray (100ml) - CEDRAT BOISÉ..
22.00$ cad 18.70$ cad
Ultra-rich 2-in-1 body care, soap free, for the face, body and hair. Enriched with nourishing active..
35.50$ cad
Calming and repairing, "Soin Apaisant Après-Rasage" hydrates skin, reducing razor burn. Trace elemen..
59.50$ cad
Daily, this hydrating cream soothes and comforts the skin while diminishing the cutaneous irritabili..
66.50$ cad
A genuine anti-gravity weapon whose formula is reinforced by the massaging action of the roll-on tip..
89.50$ cad