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All Over Shampoo -20%

All Over Shampoo

Le Gel Nettoyage Intégral uses the benefits of energising minerals (iron) and purifying (copper) to ..

34.00$ cad 27.20$ cad

Celluli Ultra Performance -20%

Celluli Ultra Performance

Celluli Ultra Performance is a cellulite corrector that visibly corrects the appearance of dimpled s..

58.00$ cad 46.40$ cad

Clarté Intense Radiance  21 Day Cure -20%

Clarté Intense Radiance 21 Day Cure

Formulated with vitamin c and derma-whiteberry complex, this intense Payot Absolute Pure White Cure ..

177.00$ cad 141.60$ cad

Concentré Anti-Soif Clarté -20%

Concentré Anti-Soif Clarté

A lightening, hydrating essence with Derma-WhiteBerry Complex, Payot Concentre Anti-Soif Clarte ligh..

93.50$ cad 74.80$ cad

Concentré Jeunesse Clarté -20%

Concentré Jeunesse Clarté

A specifically formulated serum for the daily care of mature skin in need of radiance and/or skin wi..

124.00$ cad 99.20$ cad

Crème Lavante Douce -20%

Crème Lavante Douce

Ultra-rich 2-in-1 body care, soap free, for the face, body and hair. Enriched with nourishing active..

35.50$ cad 28.40$ cad

Creme N°2 -20%

Creme N°2

A cult product by Dr Payot, Crème N°2 is a bandage of softness for sensitive areas. Rich in liquoric..

53.50$ cad 42.80$ cad

Deep Cleansing Gel -20%

Deep Cleansing Gel

Purifying and detoxifying, Gel Nettoyage Profond cleanses the face daily and its exfoliating microgr..

43.00$ cad 34.40$ cad

Defatigant Regard -20%

Defatigant Regard

Fragrance-free gel specifically for the eye contour. Moisturizes, protects and reduces the appearanc..

46.00$ cad 36.80$ cad

Déodorant 24 Heures -20%

Déodorant 24 Heures

Anti-perspirant and refreshing, Déodorant 24 Heures helps to regulate perspiration all day long. Its..

36.00$ cad 28.80$ cad

Déodorant Fraîcheur Naturelle -20%

Déodorant Fraîcheur Naturelle

This alcohol-free deodorant spray, delicately scented, delivers all-day freshness. Without a stiflin..

23.50$ cad 18.80$ cad

Deodorant Ultra Douceur -20%

Deodorant Ultra Douceur

Déodorant Ultra-Douceur offers a dual guarantee: deodorant action thanks to its effective 24-hour re..

26.50$ cad 21.20$ cad

Douceur des Mains -20%

Douceur des Mains

Douceur des Mains is a nourishing 3-in-1 cocktail to comfort the roughest hands without being greasy..

26.50$ cad 21.20$ cad

Douceur des Pieds -20%

Douceur des Pieds

Payot Cooling Powdered Foot Gel provides aching and fatigued feet with long-lasting relief. In no ti..

52.00$ cad 41.60$ cad

Eau de Soin Énergisante -20%

Eau de Soin Énergisante

Eau de Soin Energisante is a beauty product that refreshes and perfumes your skin throughout the day..

54.50$ cad 43.60$ cad