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Body Shower Gel -20%

Body Shower Gel

This mild citrus-fresh formula gently cleanses while preserving the skin’s natural balance, integrit..

19.50$ cad 15.60$ cad

Déodorant 24 Heures -20%

Déodorant 24 Heures

Anti-perspirant and refreshing, Déodorant 24 Heures helps to regulate perspiration all day long. Its..

36.00$ cad 28.80$ cad

Déodorant Fraîcheur Naturelle -20%

Déodorant Fraîcheur Naturelle

This alcohol-free deodorant spray, delicately scented, delivers all-day freshness. Without a stiflin..

23.50$ cad 18.80$ cad

Deodorant Ultra Douceur -20%

Deodorant Ultra Douceur

Déodorant Ultra-Douceur offers a dual guarantee: deodorant action thanks to its effective 24-hour re..

26.50$ cad 21.20$ cad

Energizing Ess. Shower Gel -20%

Energizing Ess. Shower Gel

Fill your bathroom with fragrances and treat yourself to the pleasure that is showering with Essenti..

44.00$ cad 35.20$ cad

Exquisite Shower Gel -20%

Exquisite Shower Gel

Cleanses the body gently counteracts the drying effects of limestone and comforts the skin that tug...

36.00$ cad 28.80$ cad

Huile de Douche Relaxante -20%

Huile de Douche Relaxante

With gentle care, Huile de Douche Relaxante nourishes and protects the skin against dryness. Its env..

48.00$ cad 38.40$ cad

Rasage Précis -20%

Rasage Précis

Protective and ultra-comfortable, Rasage Précis gel improves razor glide, protects the skin and prev..

26.50$ cad 21.20$ cad

Slimming Shower Gel -20%

Slimming Shower Gel

Used as a complementary product with Mary Cohr slimming products, Slimming Shower Gel helps prolong ..

29.00$ cad 23.20$ cad

Soin Apaisant Après Rasage -20%

Soin Apaisant Après Rasage

Calming and repairing, "Soin Apaisant Après-Rasage" hydrates skin, reducing razor burn. Trace elemen..

58.50$ cad 46.80$ cad

Sun care shower gel -20%

Sun care shower gel

Sun Care Shower Gel eliminates mineral sunscreens and sun filters. Eliminates mineral sunscreens and..

34.00$ cad 27.20$ cad