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10 Min. Instant Brightening Mask -20%

10 Min. Instant Brightening Mask

After 10 minutes, your complexion is magically more radiant and luminous, provide an instant light-e..

80.00$ cad 64.00$ cad

14 Days Brightening Serum -20%

14 Days Brightening Serum

Intense Brightening Serum for the correction of sun damage and pigmented skin. After 14 days, the co..

99.00$ cad 79.20$ cad

30 Days Brightening Day Cream -20%

30 Days Brightening Day Cream

In only 30 days, your complexion is visibly brighter and more luminous, thanks to the powerful skin ..

90.00$ cad 72.00$ cad

30 Days Brightening Night Cream -20%

30 Days Brightening Night Cream

After 30 days, the skin is visibly brighter and more luminous.This night cream works while you sleep..

90.00$ cad 72.00$ cad

3D Visible Lifting Serum -20%

3D Visible Lifting Serum

Face & NeckG.M. Collin introduces the latest anti-aging serum to give the skin an immediatly "li..

98.00$ cad 78.40$ cad

A.G.E. Total Defence -20%

A.G.E. Total Defence

Anti-aging moisturizer combining 8 antioxidants and 5 peptides to combat all the visible signs of ag..

125.00$ cad 99.95$ cad

Acné Soin (intensive treatment acne prone skin) -20%

Acné Soin (intensive treatment acne prone skin)

The Acné-soin Serum acts on the first application in order to re-establish promptly a pure skin and ..

39.00$ cad 31.20$ cad

Acnight Regulating Night -20%

Acnight Regulating Night

Use as a treatment - this serum has been designed to act on an in-depth level, at night, and to make..

70.50$ cad 56.40$ cad

Active Exfoliant Powder -20%

Active Exfoliant Powder

G.M. Collin introduces the Active Exfoliant Powder, an innovative triple-action exfoliant that combi..

58.00$ cad 46.40$ cad

Age Signes Corrector -20%

Age Signes Corrector

This incredible "instant wrinkle eraser" targets each individual wrinkle for a visible “Lifting” eff..

70.50$ cad 56.40$ cad

Age Signes Defense Tinted SPF 15 -20%

Age Signes Defense Tinted SPF 15

The universal formula of Anti-Ageing Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF15 adds a radiant glow to the skin, wh..

65.00$ cad 52.00$ cad

Age Signes Repair -20%

Age Signes Repair

A genuine intensive Rejuvenation treatment course, Age SIGNeS Repair is a high-concentration serum, ..

200.00$ cad 160.00$ cad

Aromatique (soothing, anti-redness) -20%

Aromatique (soothing, anti-redness)

Softness immersion especially formulated for sensitive and reactive skin for which anti-inflammatory..

33.00$ cad 26.40$ cad

Astringent (oily) -20%

Astringent (oily)

A distillate of witch hazel enriched with extracts of algae, ivy, lemon, burdock, juniper, camphor, ..

29.00$ cad 23.20$ cad

Bath oil camomile + linden -20%

Bath oil camomile + linden

This very rich foaming bath is enriched with camomile, linden and gardenia extracts for their soothi..

6.00$ cad 4.80$ cad