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Face Care

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Janssen Balancing Cream 50ml (Combination Skin)

Balancing care cream for combination skin. For a matt, clear and even complexion and a pleasantly so..

60.00$ cad

Janssen Balancing Skin Complex 30ml

Highly dosed active agent concentrate for the regulation of sebaceous gland function in combination ..

55.00$ cad

Janssen Brightening Exfoliator 50ml (Lightening Care)

Peeling cream for clear and more even facial skin. With peeling granules consisting of skinfriendly ..

60.00$ cad

Janssen Brightening Face Cleanser (Milk) 200ml (Demanding Skin)

Rich cleansing lotion for demanding skin. With mulberry tree extract and active washing substances...

45.00$ cad

Janssen Brightening Face Freshener 200ml (Demanding Skin)

Alcohol-free facial tonic for demanding skin. With mulberry tree extract and glycerin...

45.00$ cad

Janssen Calming Sensitive Cream 50ml (Sensitive Skin)

Rich care cream for soothing sensitive skin. Skin defense complex reinforces the skin’s native prote..

50.00$ cad

Janssen Caviar Luxury Cream 50ml (Trend Edition)

Black gold for the skin: Rich anti-aging care with caviar extract. Experience luxury with the except..

90.00$ cad

Janssen Clarifying Cleansing Gel 200ml (Oily Skin)

Mild cleansing gel for oily, blemished skin. With yeast extract for clear, pure skin...

36.00$ cad

Janssen Clarifying Cream 50ml (Oily Skin)

Sebum flow regulating 24h gel for blemished skin. For a clear, fine pored and silky matt skin appear..

55.00$ cad


AHA + BHA Cleanser is a cleansing milk for oily, blemish-prone skin.The formula contains fruit acids..

56.00$ cad


Purifying Cleansing Gel gently and thoroughly cleanses impure skin without drying it out. This fine ..

48.00$ cad

Janssen Collagen Sheets Aloes Vera (Sensitive Skin)

Ideal for sensitive, irritated skin. This skin condition may occur in the case of both dry and rathe..

31.98$ cad

Janssen Collagen Sheets Caviar (cell regeneration)

The fleece mask has a moisturizing effect, protects the collagen and elastic fibers and clarifies th..

33.98$ cad

Janssen Collagen Sheets Fair Skin (skin lightening)

LIGHTENINGCollagen sheet to lighten the complexion. Apply as a soft mask for an immediate effect of ..

33.98$ cad