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Algologie Revitalizing Beauty Program Kit 3x20ml

"Jardin marin Line - Energy Plus : When the skin is overworked and tired.3 products : Revitalising h..

63.00$ cad

Algologie Richesse des Vagues - Hydra-comfort Rich Cream 50ml

This rich, velvety cream provides a feeling of extreme comfort and maximum hydration. ..

54.00$ cad

Algologie Scrub Littoral - Body Scrub with Sea Salt & Essential Oils 150ml

A very creamy body scrub containing 100% natural Guérande Salt, which gently exfoliates an..

45.00$ cad

Algologie Scrub Littoral - Energising Body Scrub with Sea Salt 200ml

Enriched with Guérande Sea Salt and patented Algo 4® Complex, the Energizing Body Scrub with Sea Sal..

45.00$ cad

Algologie Sérum de la Presqu'île - Global Anti-aging Serum 30ml

Targeted action on loss of density to keep the skin youthful. Instructions: ..

105.00$ cad

Algologie Sérum des Dunes - Anti-pollution & Soothing Serum 30ml

A true S.O.S. treatment, this comforting serum envelops the skin in a cocoon of ..

74.00$ cad

Algologie Sérum des Vagues - Hydra-replenishing Serum 30ml

This serum quenches and soothes even the driest skin upon application and restores the ski..

72.00$ cad

Algologie Sérum du Jardin Marin - Intensive Hydro-protecting Serum 30ml

This serum combines the power of Algo 4® and hyaluronic acid to protect the skin against e..

73.50$ cad

Algologie Tonique de l'Archipel - Purifying & Matifying Toner 200ml

This toner eliminates impurities and tightens pores for shine-free, even skin tone.INSTRUCTIONS: ..

32.00$ cad

Algologie Vagues Hydrating Box (pkg)

Face Cream 50 mL + Hydra-Replenishing Sleeping Mask 50 mL. ..

133.50$ cad

Bio Love Bi-Phase Bio Makeup Cleanser 150ml

Silky, alcohol-free bi-phase makeup remover that perfectly removes makeup from the face and eyes wit..

34.99$ cad

Bio Love Bio Anti-Ageing Cream 50ml

Rich in hyaluronic acid and micro-encapsulated vitamin C, this anti-aging cream nourishes the skin b..

77.87$ cad

Bio Love Bio+Regenerating Serum 30ml

Ultra-regenerating serum to prevent signs of aging of the face and décolleté. A true concentrate of ..

77.99$ cad

Bio Love Body Cream Bio Love by France D'Amour 200ml

Light, nourishing moisturizing cream which leaves a pleasant sensation of softness and suppleness to..

29.95$ cad

Bio Love Cleansing Lotion Bio Love by France D'Amour 200ml

Cleansing lotion for everyday use. Perfectly removes makeup while gently cleansing the face, eyelids..

29.95$ cad