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Gehwol Foot & Shoe Deodorant spray 150ml

GEHWOL Foot + Shoe Deodorant for daily foot care. Ideal for sports and on the go. Zinc ricinole..

28.58$ cad

Gerlasan (underarm) Deodorant

The mild GERLASAN achselfrisch normalises perspiration and provides care with well-tried skin protec..

25.58$ cad

PAYOT DÉODORANT ROLL-ON DOUCEUR - Soft Deodorant (Roll-On) 75ml

The Ultra-Gentle Deodorant roll-on brings you a double guarantee: deodorant safety with an antipersp..

30.50$ cad

PAYOT DÉODORANT SPRAY FRAÎCHEUR - Refreshing Deodorant (Spray) 125ml

A real concentrate of energy, it offers a double antiperspirant & skin-perfecting action.This de..

34.00$ cad

Ridha Deodorant Powder (anti-humidity) 100gr

Kills foot odour, controls perspiration and absorbs sweat...

18.00$ cad