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All Over Shampoo -20%

All Over Shampoo

Le Gel Nettoyage Intégral uses the benefits of energising minerals (iron) and purifying (copper) to ..

34.00$ cad 27.20$ cad

Deep Cleansing Gel -20%

Deep Cleansing Gel

Purifying and detoxifying, Gel Nettoyage Profond cleanses the face daily and its exfoliating microgr..

43.00$ cad 34.40$ cad

Defatigant Regard -20%

Defatigant Regard

Fragrance-free gel specifically for the eye contour. Moisturizes, protects and reduces the appearanc..

46.00$ cad 36.80$ cad

Déodorant 24 Heures -20%

Déodorant 24 Heures

Anti-perspirant and refreshing, Déodorant 24 Heures helps to regulate perspiration all day long. Its..

36.00$ cad 28.80$ cad

Energizing Care -20%

Energizing Care

Revigorate your skin with Payot Men's Alarm Clock. Its energizing gel-cream formula awakens the skin..

66.50$ cad 53.20$ cad

Mary Cohr Soothing After-Shave Balm 50ml -20%

Mary Cohr Soothing After-Shave Balm 50ml

Immediately soothing and a boost which lasts all day. This gel cream soothes the irritations caused ..

48.00$ cad 38.40$ cad

New Youth Homme -20%

New Youth Homme

Youth care with Cell Life Concentrate. Indispensable for regaining the appearance of younger skin at..

54.00$ cad 43.20$ cad

Rasage Précis -20%

Rasage Précis

Protective and ultra-comfortable, Rasage Précis gel improves razor glide, protects the skin and prev..

26.50$ cad 21.20$ cad

Soin Apaisant Après Rasage -20%

Soin Apaisant Après Rasage

Calming and repairing, "Soin Apaisant Après-Rasage" hydrates skin, reducing razor burn. Trace elemen..

58.50$ cad 46.80$ cad

Soin Régénérant -20%

Soin Régénérant

This regenerating treatment moisturizes the skin every day while helping it to slow down effectively..

80.00$ cad 64.00$ cad

Soothing After-Shave Care -20%

Soothing After-Shave Care

Soothing After-Shave Care..

48.00$ cad 38.40$ cad