Dermo Ioniq

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Dermioniq 30 day Lifting Program 1x10ml 4x5ml

LIFTING RANGERESULTS | 90%  SATISFACTION*:▪️ Restructures the skin▪️ Tones immediately▪️ Provid..

185.00$ cad

Dermioniq Regenerating Program 30 days 1x10ml 4x5ml

RESULTS | 92%  SATISFACTION*:▪️ Offers cellular oxygenation▪️ Regenerates and nourishes the ski..

185.00$ cad

Dermoioniq Anti Imperfection Program 30 days 1x10ml 4x5ml

ANTI-IMPERFECTIONRANGE RESULTS |  90%  SATISFACTION*:▪️ Totally reconnects the skin▪️ Even..

185.00$ cad

Dermoioniq Concentrate Illuminator Regulator 30ml

ANTI-IMPERFECTIONRANGE RESULTS | 90%  SATISFACTION*:▪️ Reduces skin imperfections and irritatio..

136.00$ cad

Dermoioniq Concentrate Revitalizing Restructuring 30ml

REGENERATING RANGERESULTS:▪️ Reduces the signs of aging▪️ Restructures, moisturizes, revitalizes the..

136.00$ cad

Dermoioniq Nutritive Moisturizing 50ml

BASIC RANGE RESULTS:▪️ Provides intense hydration and nutrition  to the skin▪️ Increases t..

148.00$ cad

Dermoioniq Smoothing and Plumping Concentrate 30ml

LIFTING RANGERESULTS | 95%  SATISFACTION*:▪️  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles▪️ Erases sig..

136.00$ cad

Dermoioniq Soothing Repairing Cream 50ml

REGENERATING RANGERESULTS | 90%  SATISFACTION*:▪️ Protects, strengthens and relieves weakened o..

124.00$ cad