IMAGE SKINCARE Ormedic Balancing Exfoliating Lime Pearl Polisher 91gr

New IMAGE SKINCARE Ormedic Balancing Exfoliating Lime Pearl Polisher 91gr

IMAGE SKINCARE Ormedic Balancing Exfoliating Lime Pearl Polisher 91gr

Find soft, smooth and refreshed skin thanks to this daily exfoliant. This gentle gel polish features 3-in-1 action to amplify skin's radiance.

A balancing gel exfoliant formulated by doctors

All skin types including sensitive skin, dull and unbalanced complexions.

• This gentle daily exfoliant refines and balances the skin.

• Pomegranate enzymes, olive pit powder and bamboo spheres fade dull complexions to reveal new radiance.

• Caviar Lime Extract, a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids, helps leave skin soft, smooth and refreshed.

An organic exfoliant for a radiant complexion

• Gently foams makeup and impurities using sulfate-free cleansing ingredients

• Hydrates and refreshes

• The properties of its organic ingredients soothe, heal and reduce inflammation of the epidermis.

Pro Tip

Mix with Ormedic Facial Cleanser to create a sulfate-free power foaming cleanse. Use on the spot and neckline for gentle and effective exfoliation.

Formulated with the “ORMEDIC PROMISE”: healthy and certified ingredients

Contains select certified organic ingredients, avoids unnecessary ingredients and supports a stronger skin barrier with a balanced pH that is neutral to the skin.

The Ormedic range is ECOCERT and COSMOS ORGANIC certified

A beauty product is COSMOS ORGANIC certified only if:

• A minimum of 95% of the plants it contains are organic

• A minimum of 20% organic ingredients are present in the formula in total.

ECOCERT certifications

• Allows the marketing of natural or organic products.

• All products which have the ECOCERT logo have been subject to rigorous verification of the composition and the transformation process right through to its packaging.

• All ingredients used are of natural origin with the exception of a restrictive list of approved ingredients (preservatives) authorized in small quantities.

• On average, products certified by ECOCERT contain 99% ingredients of natural origin.


• Production and transformation processes that respect the environment and human health

• Development of the concept of green chemistry

• Responsible use of natural resources

• Respect for biodiversity

• Absence of petrochemical ingredients, parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes, colorings synthesis

• Absence of GMOs

• Recyclable packaging

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