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Kderm Body Lifter 150ml

A real body care product, this fluid cream with Kappa-Elastin bio-peptides helps fight against saggi..

60.00$ cad

Kderm Day Lifter 50ml

Enriched with vitamins A, E, F and pro B5, the Day Lifter with Kappa-Elastin bio-peptides hydrates, ..

82.00$ cad

Kderm Global Anti Aging Cream 50ml

A global anti-aging cream DAY/NIGHT for total and immediate correctionApply a dose morning and/or ev..

125.00$ cad

Kderm Hand Lifter 50ml

The skin of the hands is not protected by sebum like that of the face. They are constantly exposed, ..

45.00$ cad

Kderm Lifter Anti Dark Circles Reducing Fluid tint 15ml

The eye area is very delicate, with very specific needs.The Anti-Dark Circle Fluid for eyes by K’Der..

67.00$ cad

Kderm Lifter Anti Wrinkle Corrective Fluid 15ml

LIFTER ANTI-WRINKLE EYE CORRECTOR FLUIDPump bottle – 15 mlThe eye contour is a very fragile area tha..

72.00$ cad

Kderm Lifter Instant Precision Filler 15ml

This 2 in 1 treatment precisely targets the most marked wrinkles and simultaneously combines two pow..

71.00$ cad

Kderm Lifter Micellar Solution 150ml

K'Derm has developed the Micellar Solution Lifter, for removing make-up from the face and eyes. This..

45.00$ cad

Kderm Lifter Nutri Repair Mask 50ml

Ultra comfortable, the Nutri-Repair Mask Lifter offers your skin a real treatment: oxygenation, hydr..

62.00$ cad

Kderm Lifter Peeling Mask 50ml

The Lifter Peeling Mask, with Kappa-Elastin bio-peptides, is a true technological innovation which c..

62.00$ cad

Kderm Lifter Repair Serum 30ml

The Lifter Repairing Gel Serum delivers all the concentrated power of Kappa-Elastin to you, for an e..

81.00$ cad

Kderm Lifter Serum lifting 15ml

By acting deeply on the different cutaneous layers of your skin, this dermatological serum replenish..

86.00$ cad

Kderm Lifter Serum Premium 30ml

This exceptional serum with Kappa-Elastin bio-peptides is a real treatment which will fuse with the ..

117.00$ cad

Kderm Lifter Soothing Eye Mask 15ml

The makeover for your eyes: the K'Derm Soothing Eye Mask offers well-being and relaxation to your ey..

67.00$ cad

Kderm Lifter Sublimating Care Oil 100ml

At the cutting edge of dermo-cosmetic technology, the Sublimating Treatment Oil with Kappa-Elastin b..

46.00$ cad