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Bionatural - Douche de Lavande Relaxante (Shower gel) (Escapade Lavande)

Bionatural - Douche de Lavande Relaxante (Shower gel)    (Escapade Lavande) ..

29.00$ cad

Bionatural - Éclats d’Agrumes (Body scrub) (Escapade Agrumes)

Bionatural - Éclats d’Agrumes (Body scrub)    (Escapade Agrumes)..

56.00$ cad

Bionatural - Galet Exfoliant (Exfoliating soap) (Escapade Azuréo)

Bionatural - Galet Exfoliant (Exfoliating soap)    (Escapade Azuréo)..

18.00$ cad

Bionatural - Grain de Romance (Exfoliating cream)

A refined blend of Fleur de Coton and Rice Chips, this scrub gently removes dead skin cells, leaving..

50.00$ cad

Bionatural - Mousse de Poire (Shower gel) (Escapade au Verger)

Bionatural - Mousse de Poire (Shower gel)    (Escapade au Verger)..

33.00$ cad

Bionatural - Nuage de Coco (Body mousse cream) (Escapade Gourmande)

Bionatural - Nuage de Coco (Body mousse cream)    (Escapade Gourmande)..

55.00$ cad

Bionatural - Nuage de Douceur (Shower foam) (Florale & poudrée)

Bionatural - Nuage de Douceur  (Shower foam)   (Florale & poudrée)..

30.50$ cad

Bionatural - Relaxing Ambience Candle 120gr

Need a well-being cocoon?Impregnate your interior with subtle scents of the “Escapade Relaxante” can..

36.00$ cad

Bionatural - Tendre Caresse (Body Milk) (Florale & poudrée)

Wrap your body gently with this soft body caress cotton flower. Light and not fat, this milk le..

45.00$ cad

Bionatural Asian Spirit Green Karma Gelée de Douche Exfoliante 200ml

Bionatural offers its new Escapade in Limited Edition, entirely dedicated to the body: Asian Spirit...

44.00$ cad