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Bionatural - Éclats d’Agrumes (Body scrub) (Escapade Agrumes)

Bionatural - Éclats d’Agrumes (Body scrub)    (Escapade Agrumes)..

56.00$ cad

Bionatural - Galet Exfoliant (Exfoliating soap) (Escapade Azuréo)

Bionatural - Galet Exfoliant (Exfoliating soap)    (Escapade Azuréo)..

18.00$ cad

Bionatural - Grain de Romance (Exfoliating cream)

A refined blend of Fleur de Coton and Rice Chips, this scrub gently removes dead skin cells, leaving..

50.00$ cad

Bionatural - Granité de Coco (Body scrub) (Escapade Gourmande)

Bionatural - Granité de Coco (Body scrub)    (Escapade Gourmande)..

60.00$ cad

GM Collin Phytoaromatic Gommage 50ml

NEW FORMULA - Polyethylene beads freeOffers a 2-in-1 action, it can be used as a mask and an exfolia..

44.00$ cad


Janssen Gommage pour le Corps Oxygénant 150 ml..

44.00$ cad

Karin Herzog - Gommage Visage Doux 50 ml

Product Detail:Thanks to its composition including finely crushed white marble, this scrub eliminate..

54.00$ cad

Karin Herzog - Shower Body Scrub Shower Body Scrub 150 ml

Product Detail:Formulated with finely crushed white marble, this product gently eliminates dead cell..

57.00$ cad

Mary Cohr Orange Peel Scrub 200ml

The "orange peel" appearance is faded and the silhouette is redrawn.The skin is fresh and toned.The ..

57.00$ cad

Nelly de Vuyst Body Exfoliating Bar

This natural treatment combines the exfoliating properties of organic bamboo silica microcapsules wi..

27.56$ cad

Nelly de Vuyst NDV Body Brush

Made of boar bristles, the Nelly De Vuyst® Body Brush is an indispensable tool for body care. An ene..

39.94$ cad


PHYTS - GOMMAGE CORPOREL    (Body Protectors)..

45.00$ cad

Ridha Body exfoliant with Sea Sand 250ml

A moisturizing cream made of fine sea sand that eliminates skin impurities and dead cells. The gomma..

34.10$ cad

Selvert Thermal Vitalizing Body Scrub 200ml

Refreshing  body scrub  with whole orange extract that eliminates impurities and excess de..

48.00$ cad