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GM Collin 4D Visible Lifting Serum 50ml

Specifically created and clinically proven to target the fragile skin of the neck and décolleté, and..

135.00$ cad

MATIS PARIS Cell Expert- Cell Expert™ 30ml

The signature serum helps keep the skin youthful. The fine, light texture quickly delivers all the b..

121.00$ cad

MATIS PARIS Glow - Serum 30ml

This radiance revealing serum’s silky texture forms a light layer over the skin. At the heart of the..

129.50$ cad

MATIS PARIS Pure-Serum 30ml

Formulated for combination and oily skin, this complexion-perfecting serum leaves the skin refreshed..

100.50$ cad

MATIS PARIS Sensibiotic - Serum 30ml

This serum, suitable for sensitive skin, rebalances the skin's ecosystem. Its fine and silky texture..

127.50$ cad

Nelly de Vuyst Regenerating Serum

"Super moisturizing and regenerating oils to help relieve dryness. Ideal purifying and moisturizing ..

55.32$ cad

PAYOT CONCENTRÉ ANTI-CAPITONS - Cellulite Corrector Serum 125ml

A real attack treatment, the Concentrated Anti-cellulite serum-in-oil with green tea extract has bee..

51.00$ cad

Simone Mahler Galbo-Lift Corps T 150ml

Reshape your belly, restore tone and firmness to the abdominal area by refining and redefining the w..

76.50$ cad

Simone Mahler Jamb'Tonic Gel T 150ml

To relieve the feeling of heavy legs by draining and improving micro-circulation for an immediate an..

64.00$ cad

Simone Mahler Thermo-Actif Serum T 50ml

Its self-heating effect, combined with the application in modeling, promotes the penetration of its ..

50.00$ cad