Eye and Lip Care

Eye and Lip Care

Eye and Lip Care

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Instant Radiance Eye Patch -15%

Instant Radiance Eye Patch

 Give your eyes a visibly younger and relaxed look in just 20 minutes!  The G.M. Collin In..

52.00$ cad 44.20$ cad

Lip Comfort Beauty Balm -15%

Lip Comfort Beauty Balm

Enriched in Shea Oil, Lip Comfort lastingly nourishes, softens and protects the lips. Its balm textu..

28.50$ cad 24.23$ cad

Mary Cohr Eye Clean 125ml

Gently removes hard-to-remove mascara and eye-shadow thanks to its bi-phase texture. Soothes the eye..

39.50$ cad

Mary Cohr Eye Fresh 15ml -15%

Mary Cohr Eye Fresh 15ml

This refreshing gel helps effectively fight against puffiness and dark circles. It moisturises the s..

61.00$ cad 51.85$ cad

Mary Cohr Hydrosmose Eye Contour 15ml -15%

Mary Cohr Hydrosmose Eye Contour 15ml

This unique mask quenches and replenishes the skin by acting throughout the night, for sup..

62.50$ cad 53.13$ cad

Matis Biphase-Eyes - Biphase make-up remover, special waterproof 150ml

DESCRIPTION:"This makeup remover eliminates quickly and gently the longest-lasting make-up, even wat..

47.00$ cad

Matis Global-Eyes - Eye treatment, bags, dark circles, wrinkles 15ml

DESCRIPTION:This global treatment that is specially adapted for the eye contour helps to reduce visi..

96.00$ cad

Matis Hyalushot-Eyes - High impregnation biocellulose mask 5un.

DESCRIPTION:"The Hyalushot-Eyes high impregnation mask is made from all natural cellulose fibres. It..

89.50$ cad

Matis Infusion-Eyes - Leave on eyes, relaxing bath 150ml

DESCRIPTION:"This relaxing treatment is specially formulated for the delicate eye contour. It provid..

45.00$ cad

Matis Lifting-Eyes - Smoothing treatment, crow’s feet wrinkles 15ml

DESCRIPTION:This treatment specially formulated for the eye area, helps tone the skin around the eye..

79.50$ cad

Matis LipControl 10ml

DESCRIPTION:This care helps to redefine the lip contour. Reinforced moisturisation and nutrition wil..

59.50$ cad

Matis Micell-Eyes - Eye micellar water for lashes and eyelash extensions 150ml

DESCRIPTION:This micellar makeup removal toner suited for sensitive eyes, removes makeup while respe..

39.50$ cad

Matis Recomfort-Eyes - Nourishing eye mask, extreme comfort 20ml

DESCRIPTION:This mask has a creamy texture, providing comfort to the eye contour. It nourishes and h..

70.00$ cad

Matis Relax-Eyes - Anti-fatigue treatment, dark circles and bags 15ml

DESCRIPTION:This anti-fatigue treatment, which is suitable for the fine and sensitive skin around th..

73.00$ cad

Matis Reset-Eyes 15ml

DESCRIPTION:This anti-fatigue treatment smoothes out the eye contour, even after a short night. Than..

63.00$ cad