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Matis Oléa-Science - Serum-in-oil, devitalized skin 30ml

DESCRIPTION:This oil is specifically designed for devitalized skin. Its fine texture envelops the sk..

164.00$ cad

Matis OleaScience - Oil-serum for face youth reactivator 15ml

DESCRIPTION:For all skin types that need the most comfort starting from 40 years old and particularl..

132.00$ cad

Matis Pure-Serum - Pore minimizer, balancing concentrate  30ml New

Matis Pure-Serum - Pore minimizer, balancing concentrate 30ml

DESCRIPTION:This balancing serum shrinks pores and is an effective solution for blemish-prone skin. ..

95.00$ cad

Matis Radiance Serum 30ml

DESCRIPTION:The Radiance Serum helps your skin find its original shine. The citrus extract dims the ..

129.50$ cad

Matis Regenerating Serum 30ml

DESCRIPTION:A booster for dull and stressed skin.The Energising Serum is a face-melting concentrate ..

79.00$ cad

Matis Sensibiotic-Serum - Sensitive skin serum  30ml New

Matis Sensibiotic-Serum - Sensitive skin serum 30ml

DESCRIPTION:This serum for sensitive skin rebalances the cutaneous ecosystem. Its fine, silky textur..

116.00$ cad

Matis The Serum - Supreme elixir with caviar 30ml

DESCRIPTION:In every drop of this satiny smooth concentrate of exceptional oils, the power of French..

225.00$ cad

My Payot Concentré Éclat  (Serum) -15%

My Payot Concentré Éclat (Serum)

Concentrated with vitamin C and antioxidant superfruits, this face serum offers a boost to dull and ..

70.50$ cad 59.93$ cad

Nelly de Vuyst Cellular-Matrix Serum

Formulated with acmella oleracea extracts, a “muscle relaxant” ingredient, the Cellular-Matrix S..

91.28$ cad

Nelly de Vuyst Firming Serum

" The Firming Serum is specifically recommended for sagging facial contour and enlarged pores. Made ..

83.34$ cad

Nelly de Vuyst Lifting Complex Serum

The Lifting Complex Serum helps prevent and minimize the visible signs of aging. Specifically formul..

85.56$ cad

Nelly de Vuyst Sensitive Skin Serum

The Sensitive Skin Serum is specifically formulated for sensitive skin and/or skin presenting sympto..

80.06$ cad

Nelly de Vuyst Serum BioAcne

"Targeted treatment ideal for localized imperfections of acne prone skin, such as papules and pustul..

46.00$ cad

Nelly de Vuyst Serum BioTense

The Serum BioTense is a revolutionary concentrate used on the face and neck that defies time and gra..

79.38$ cad

Nelly de Vuyst VitaLift-C HA Serum

The VitaLift-C HA Serum is specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of brown spots, dull com..

82.48$ cad