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Face Care

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Double Youth Multi Cellular -15%

Double Youth Multi Cellular

Double Youth Multi-Cellular Concentrate is exceptional global anti-ageing skincare. Multi-Cellular C..

167.50$ cad 142.38$ cad

Ecobiology Soft Cleansing Foam -15%

Ecobiology Soft Cleansing Foam

This foam cleanses the skin gently, while preserving its natural defences. Soap-free, formulated wit..

43.00$ cad 36.55$ cad

Enriched New Youth -15%

Enriched New Youth

In addition to its double effectiveness at cell and tissue level, this "rich" cell care restores ski..

169.50$ cad 144.08$ cad

Essential Infusion - Dry Oil -15%

Essential Infusion - Dry Oil

Essential Infusion - Dry OilNormal to Dry skin..

70.00$ cad 59.50$ cad

Essential Oil Complex -15%

Essential Oil Complex

This “go-to” fluid complex, rich in essential oils effectively soothes and refreshes acne prone skin..

68.00$ cad 57.80$ cad

Exfoliating Gel -15%

Exfoliating Gel

Exfoliating Gel - 50mlThis exfoliating jelly contains no abrasive particles. It offers top performan..

55.00$ cad 46.75$ cad

Eye Clean

Gently removes hard-to-remove mascara and eye-shadow thanks to its bi-phase texture. Soothes the eye..

36.50$ cad

Eye Contour Acti-Serum -15%

Eye Contour Acti-Serum

An intensive care product which smoothes wrinkles and lines in the eye contour. It reinforces the st..

72.00$ cad 61.20$ cad

Eye Fresh -15%

Eye Fresh

This refreshing gel helps effectively fight against puffiness and dark circles. It moisturises the s..

56.00$ cad 47.60$ cad

Eye Repair Kit -15%

Eye Repair Kit

Eye Repair Kit..

68.00$ cad 57.80$ cad

Firming Lifting Serum -15%

Firming Lifting Serum

Firming Lifting Serum visibly rejuvenates the face, thanks to its instant firming and lifting action..

89.50$ cad 76.08$ cad

Fresh Cleansing Cream -15%

Fresh Cleansing Cream

A very light and comfortable texture; removes make-up in one movement by simply rinsing off with wat..

45.00$ cad 38.25$ cad

Fresh Complexion Golden Beige -15%

Fresh Complexion Golden Beige

Fresh Complexion Golden Beige..

49.00$ cad 41.65$ cad

Fresh Complexion Natural Beige -15%

Fresh Complexion Natural Beige

This lightly tinted and indulgent cream melts into the skin, unifying the complexion and enhancing i..

49.00$ cad 41.65$ cad

GF Advanced Repair Serum -15%

GF Advanced Repair Serum

A serum that reverses the visible sign of aging. A  scientific breakthrough combining advanced ..

160.00$ cad 136.00$ cad