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Face Care

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Hydrating Matifluid -10%

Hydrating Matifluid

The first treatment care designed for combination skins with an oily tendency. Its effectiveness is ..

55.00$ cad 49.50$ cad

Hydrosmose Cell Renewal Cream -10%

Hydrosmose Cell Renewal Cream

This beauty care cream provides cells with a non-stop source of hydration by means of "osmosis".Wate..

119.00$ cad 107.10$ cad

Hydrosmose Cellular Mist -10%

Hydrosmose Cellular Mist

This mist, with ultra-fine droplets, penetrates the heart of the cells to moisturise skin. May be us..

41.00$ cad 36.90$ cad

Hydrosmose Serum -10%

Hydrosmose Serum

The Hydrosmose (water osmosis) serum breathes new life into skin which is in need of moisture, throu..

89.50$ cad 80.55$ cad

Ice Lift Mask -10%

Ice Lift Mask

Ice Lift restores radiance in 10 minutes, by means of a double action: a "cool effect", thanks to it..

60.00$ cad 54.00$ cad

Instant Anti-Redness Cream -10%

Instant Anti-Redness Cream

Instant Anti-Redness Cream immediately treats and conceals redness. Its revolutionary high-tech form..

53.00$ cad 47.70$ cad

Instant Radiance Eye Patch -15%

Instant Radiance Eye Patch

 Give your eyes a visibly younger and relaxed look in just 20 minutes!  The G.M. Collin In..

50.00$ cad 42.50$ cad

Instant Soothing Cream -10%

Instant Soothing Cream

On a day-to-day basis, this cream works wonders on the driest of skins, which it instantaneously pro..

69.50$ cad 62.55$ cad

Intensive Exfoliating Gel -15%

Intensive Exfoliating Gel

This highly innovative dual action gel exfoliates and tones the skin in just one step. Enriched with..

45.00$ cad 38.25$ cad

Lavender Cleansing Gel (normal to oily) -11%

Lavender Cleansing Gel (normal to oily)

Enriched with lavender essential oil, plant extracts and vitamins, this soft and velvety gel develop..

30.00$ cad 26.70$ cad

Light Moisturizing Cream -10%

Light Moisturizing Cream

A real source of hydration at the skin's disposal throughout the course of the day! The skin is hydr..

65.50$ cad 58.95$ cad

Lip Comfort Beauty Balm -10%

Lip Comfort Beauty Balm

Enriched in Shea Oil, Lip Comfort lastingly nourishes, softens and protects the lips. Its balm textu..

27.50$ cad 24.75$ cad

Lotion Clarté (Stimulating Clarifying toner) 200ml -10%

Lotion Clarté (Stimulating Clarifying toner) 200ml

Clarifying treatment lotion to complete cleansing, smooth the skin and maximise the effectiveness of..

41.00$ cad 36.90$ cad

Marine Collagen Revitalizing Mist -15%

Marine Collagen Revitalizing Mist

Marine Collagen Revitalizing Mist - 50mlYou are looking for IMMEDIATE radiance, INTENSE hydration an..

45.00$ cad 38.25$ cad

Marine Revitalizing Cream -15%

Marine Revitalizing Cream

Marine algae is an inexhaustible source of youth provoking nutrients essential for skin revitalizati..

98.00$ cad 83.30$ cad