Pedicure & Manicure

Pedicure & Manicure

Pedicure & Manicure

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Gehwol Bunion Cushion - Hallux Valgus (1un.)

Gehwol Bunion Cushion - Hallux Valgus  (1un.)..

24.58$ cad

Gehwol Callus Jelly 1000ml

To soften the calluses, Apply Gehwol jelly with a cotton swab or an instrument and leave on for a fe..

107.58$ cad

Gehwol Corn Protection Ring - Small (3un.)

    Gehwol Corn Protection Ring - Small  (3un.)..

33.58$ cad

Gehwol Cushion for Hammer Toe - Left (1un.)

Gehwol Cushion for Hammer Toe - Left (1un.)..

23.58$ cad

Gehwol Cushion for Hammer Toe - Right (1un.)

Gehwol Cushion for Hammer Toe - Right (1un.)..

23.58$ cad

Gehwol Dry Rough Skin Pro (Pump 500ml)

Apply once or twice daily to treat cold feet...

75.90$ cad

Gehwol Gerlan Hand Cream 75ml

Use after each treatment to protect skin from drying out and microbes that can be transmitted with c..

24.58$ cad

Gehwol Heel Cushion - Medium (pair)

<Gehwol Heel Cushion - Medium  (pair)&nbs..

47.18$ cad

Gehwol Lipidro Cream Pro (500ml)

Apply on the skin of the feet once or twice a day...

98.58$ cad