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Matis After Sun Soothing Milk 150ml

DESCRIPTION:Skin is soothed, nourished, soft and comfortable. Its tan is beautifully enhanced and mo..

59.50$ cad

Matis After-shave - Alcohol-free Soothing Balm 50ml

DESCRIPTION:"This alcohol-free gel cream provides comfort and softness to skin weakened by daily sha..

52.50$ cad

Matis Age-Men - active, global anti-aging care 50ml

DESCRIPTION:This anti-aging cream for men helps reduce the signs of skin aging. Thanks to its ingred..

86.50$ cad

Matis Anti-ageing - Global Anti-ageing Active Cream 50ml

DESCRIPTION:This is a complete care which reduces the first signs of aging. This light and fluid emu..

76.50$ cad

Matis Authentik-Balm Remover 50ml

This balm with a rich and comfortable texture is a real care make-up remover.Its formula combines ca..

64.50$ cad

Matis Authentik-Beauty - Fundamental beautifying cream 50ml

DESCRIPTION:This Matis iconic care, with its enveloping texture, fits in with any skin type. It help..

103.50$ cad

Matis Authentik-Essence - Essential toner, prepares for treatment 200ml

DESCRIPTION:This toner puts the finishing touch on make-up removal and prepares all skin types to re..

42.50$ cad

Matis Authentik-Foam - Clarifying, self-foaming cleanser 150ml`

DESCRIPTION:"This foaming cleanser is activated with water contact to create a delicate, fine and li..

52.00$ cad

Matis Authentik-Mask - Youth moisturizing, cream-mask 50ml

DESCRIPTION:"This essential mask is the ideal care for all dehydrated skin.Its supple and smooth tex..

70.00$ cad

Matis Authentik-Milk - Essential make-up remover milk 200ml

DESCRIPTION:"This voluptuous milk gently removes makeup.Its velvety texture, fluid and comfortable, ..

45.50$ cad

Matis Authentik-Scrub - Youth dual action, exfoliating cream 50ml

DESCRIPTION:This essential scrub exfoliates and softly smooths all skin types, while preserving thei..

61.00$ cad

Matis Authentik-Water - Anti-pollution, micellar water 200ml

DESCRIPTION:"This micellar water traps and removes in a single step all traces of makeup, impurities..

57.50$ cad

Matis Bi-phase Eyes – Smoothing make-up remover, special waterproof 150ml

This makeup remover quickly and gently eliminates even the most stubborn makeup, including waterproo..

52.00$ cad

Matis Biphase-Eyes - Biphase make-up remover, special waterproof 150ml

DESCRIPTION:"This makeup remover eliminates quickly and gently the longest-lasting make-up, even wat..

52.00$ cad

Matis City-Protect – Anti-pollution Mist 50ml

Much more than a simple mist, this daily care is ideal for skin exposed to city pollution. Its enric..

59.00$ cad