Methode Physiodermie

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Methode Physiodermie Hydro-Control Emulsion (cream) 50ml

HOW TO USECleanse the face with the Deep Cleansing Milk or the Shower Hydrating Milk SL and follow w..

121.00$ cad

Methode Physiodermie Actinyl #2 Repair Care 30ml

HOW TO USEApply Evolution Actinyl N°2 Repair Care* to oily skin with impurities, over all of the are..

109.36$ cad

Methode Physiodermie Actinyl #4 Blemish Clear 10ml

HOW TO USEAs soon as any impurities appear, apply Evolution Actinyl N°4 Blemish Clear directly onto ..

118.34$ cad

Methode Physiodermie Actinyl Duo Balancing Care 15ml+30ml

An alternative treatment for acne prone skin (pimple) without any of the disadvantages resulting fro..

202.04$ cad

Methode Physiodermie After Shaving Care Hydrating Soothing [Men]

HOW TO USEAfter wet or electric shaving, apply on whole face and neck. Allow penetration by a light ..

147.44$ cad

Methode Physiodermie All Time3 Emulsion Organic (Bio) 50ml

Aqua (Water), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Skin Conditioning Agent), Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oi..

119.60$ cad

Methode Physiodermie Aloe Cleansing Mousse Organic (Bio) 175ml

Aqua (Water), Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside (Foaming Agent), Glycerin (Humectant), Glycyrrhiza Glabra (L..

54.78$ cad

Methode Physiodermie Anti-Age Care Cellular Energiser [Men]

HOW TO USEMorning and/or evening, apply on cleansed face and neck.Allow diffusion and penetration by..

181.48$ cad

Methode Physiodermie Anti-Redness Emulsion 50ml

HOW TO USEApply a small quantity of the protective Anti-Redness Emulsion day and/or night on cleanse..

100.98$ cad

Methode Physiodermie Anti-Redness Micro-Gel 50ml

HOW TO USECleanse the skin with Shower Hydrating Milk SL and follow with Stabilizing Lotion. Apply a..

100.98$ cad

Methode Physiodermie Bannipil Post-Dipilatory Lotion 15ml

HOW TO USEUse following hot wax, warm wax, plucking or shaving. Spray a small quantity of Bannipil l..

63.34$ cad

Methode Physiodermie Bi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Organic (Bio) 29ml

Aqua (Water), Hordeum Vulgare Leaf Juice* (Emollient), Pentylene Glycol (Skin Conditioning Agent),Gl..

86.28$ cad

Methode Physiodermie Bio-Gommage Body - Velvety Satin 100ml

HOW TO USETwice a week, apply on wet skin during your shower all over the body. Apply a small quanti..

114.52$ cad

Methode Physiodermie Bioarome Anti-Impurities (DS) 15ml

HOW TO USEWhen used alone, apply a few drops of the Anti-Impurities Bioarome on the affected area an..

113.84$ cad

Methode Physiodermie Bioarome Anti-Redness (FL) 15ml

HOW TO USEWhen used alone, apply a few drops of the Anti-Redness Bioarome on the affected area and m..

113.84$ cad