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Bella Vita Cologne Green Tea_Nuits d'Orient (500 ml)

Bella Vita's Nuits D'Orient Green Tea Eau de Cologne is an enticing and inviting sweet scent.FEATURE..

29.00$ cad

Bella Vita Cologne Lavander Ciel de Provence (500 ml)

Ciel de Provence CologneWith its fresh, intense and enchanting aromas, Ciel de Provence eau de colog..

29.00$ cad

Proraso - After Shave Balm Aloès 100ml (Blue)

Proraso Blue Line After Shave Balm with Aloe and Vitamin E can be applied to the skin to protect it ..

20.00$ cad

Proraso - Shaving Foam Eucalyptus 300ml (Green)

Suitable for use either before or after shaving, Proraso New Formula Pre-Post Shave Cream both prote..

10.00$ cad

Proraso - Shaving Foam Sandalwood 300ml (Red)

Proraso Red Shaving Foam has aromatic notes of sandalwood and is ideal for dry skin or thick and coa..

10.00$ cad

Proraso - Shaving Foam Sensitive Skin 300ml (White)

Proraso White Shaving Foam is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The luxurious foam is formu..

10.00$ cad

Proraso - Shaving Soap Eucalyptus 150ml (Green)

"Despite the changes, Proraso Eucalyptus Shaving Soap, New Formula retains the brand’s long-standing..

9.00$ cad

Proraso - Shaving Soap Sensitive Skin 150ml (White)

"Proraso Aloe and Green-Tea Shaving Soap is a rich and dense shaving cream, containing green-tea and..

9.00$ cad

PRORASO After Shave Balm Sandalwood Coarse Beards 100ml

Proraso After Shave Lotion, Moisturizing and NourishingProraso After Shave Lotion, Moisturizing and ..

20.00$ cad

Proraso Aloe & Vitamin E Shaving Cream 150ml

DESCRIPTIONProraso Blue Shaving Cream has notes of fern, spicy amber and musk and is suitable for al..

9.00$ cad

Proraso Azur lime BEARD BALM 100ml

DESCRIPTIONIt’s one thing to miss your beard after it’s been sheared off, but another to deal with t..

20.00$ cad

Proraso Azur lime BEARD OIL 30ml

DESCRIPTIONBeards can be prone to dryness, resulting in unruly hairs that won’t conform. Show that l..

20.00$ cad

Proraso Azur lime BEARD WASH 200ml

LA DESCRIPTIONProraso’s Beard Shampoo is a gentle and effective cleanser to soften and smooth beard ..

20.00$ cad

Proraso Azur lime COLOGNE NATURAL SPRAY 100ml

DESCRIPTIONThe final step of every good barber shop shave does is the application of a quality colog..

30.00$ cad

Proraso Azur lime SHAVE BALM 100ml

DESCRIPTIONProraso is one of the iconic cornerstone companies for wet shaving products. The After Sh..

20.00$ cad